Who we are

The Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) is a leading economic think tank in Georgia, striving to improve economic policy environment through evidence-based policy advice and guidance, capacity-building of key public institutions, and monitoring government actions and policy commitments.

The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the organization – a significant milestone in the competitive civil society marketplace of the country.

EPRC’s researchers and analytical outputs serve as reliable sources of information on the state of Georgia’s economy for the national community of practitioners, various international organizations, students, and academia. EPRC’s policy products are widely cited in local and international printed and online media.

Our Mission

EPRC believes that the greatest challenges facing Georgia today are of geopolitical and economic nature. Thus, EPRC has positioned itself as a civil society leader working on the issues of Georgia’s sustainable economic development through the lens of security and democracy dimension, good governance, and Euro-Atlantic integration issues.

Through research and policy analysis, active advocacy and outreach, EPRC aims to promote better security policy and foster economic development in Georgia. Firmly believing in the importance of democratic values, the overarching mission of our organization is to actively contribute to the strengthening of Georgian democracy.


What We Do

EPRC activities and flagship projects can be clustered in two main directions:

  1. Regular research and analysis, advocacy, information and awareness-raising initiatives;
  2. High Profile International Events.

EPRC makes strong efforts to increase awareness about the issues of democracy, economic development and Georgia’s economic Euro-Atlantic integration. This is done through translating and publishing major political and economic non-fiction literature, conducting regional meetings with population and relevant stakeholders, actively cooperating with the media outlets, holding trainings and educational meetings with students and young civil society activists.

As part of its work EPRC engages and works closely with the following groups: government representatives, both on central and local levels, international donor organizations and diplomatic corps, civil society actors and business support organizations, private sector, with a particular focus on SMEs, teachers and students, ethnic minority groups, women entrepreneurs.