The Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) 2017

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Stanford University 2017 - 2017 $58,445 Completed
On March 1-7, 2017 was held the second round of the Leadership Academy for Development (LAD).
The Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) is an executive-level training program that trains mid-level government officials and business sector leaders from developing countries to help the private sector be a constructive force for economic growth and development. LAD Georgia was co-founded by Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) and EPRC with support of the Ilia State University.
The LAD 2017 on “The Role of Public Policy in Private Sector Development” in Georgia was led by CDDRL Director, Francis Fukuyama of Stanford University. The workshop was an intensive, five-day, executive-level training program that taught selected participants how to be effective reform leaders, promoting sound public policies in complex and contentious settings.
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The second round of LAD in 2017


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