Informed Voters for Improved Electoral Accountability

Donor Duration Budget Status
US Embassy in Georgia 2016 - 2017 $23,848 Completed

The aim of the project is to increase electoral accountability through informed voters, by providing the general public and the regional/rural population with timely information on the electoral promises, and professional evaluation of policy proposals put forward by the leading (qualified) political parties of Georgia in the run up to Autumn 2016 Parliamentary Elections.

The project will promote the development of multiparty democracy in Georgia, and will establish political discussion culture in the regions with an active participation from the general public.
Specific Goals of the project are:
• Informing and involving the regional/rural population in the public debates of parties’ social and economic programs by means of organizing open discussions and disseminating credible pre-election programs;
• Preparation of independent expert reviews in regards to pre-election social and economic platforms of the political parties for ensuring that Georgian electorate makes an informed voter choice.
• Updating an existing information portal ( on social and economic visions of the political parties;
• Improving skills of political parties in preparing social and economic platforms and organizing debates with the participation regional/rural population.

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