Think Tank Fund Exchange Research Grants

Donor Duration Budget Status
OSI – Think Tank Fund 2014 - 2015 $8,500 Completed

The project is supported by the Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund, the Knowledge Sector Initiative in Indonesia and On Think Tanks, The Exchange aims to encourage and support exchanges between think tanks for the purpose of developing new relationships, facilitating collaboration in research projects, institutional development, and policy influencing efforts.

The Exchange gathers ten think tankers from nine developing countries around the world, who participates in different research projects. EPRC’s Program Manager – Irina Guruli was one of the selected participant of the program. Together with other 4 think tankers representing Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and Hungary, EPRC works on a case study “How are we doing? Performance Self – Assessments for Think Tanks.”
This project shall provide the community of think tanks with a compilation of lessons learned from five pilot cases based on the experiences learned by conducting self-assessments in the participating organizations. Indeed, the present case study shares the experience of a self-assessment tool and summarizes tips and lessons learned to share with other think tanks interested in assessing organizational performance.
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 Performance Self – Assessments for Think Tanks

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