October 13, 2010 Training/Seminar “Practical Course on Budget Oversight”

Training/Seminar “Practical Course on Budget Oversight”

During August 30 – September 12, the Training Center of the Parliament of Georgia hosted a two-week training-seminar “Practical Course on Budget Oversight” that was organized within the framework of the UNDP project “Strong Parliament in a Consolidated Democracy”. Participants of the training were representatives of Budget and Finance Committee and Parliamentary Budget Office.Training/seminar was conducted by local experts of the project- representatives of the “Economic Policy Research Center” (EPRC).Training covered issues related to public finance, state fiscal and monetary policy, likewise, existing in the country conditions in the light of the introduction of program budgeting and international experience accordingly.Second training for the same audience will be focused on program budgeting and it is slated for October, 2010.