June 11, 2014 The involvement of ethnic minorities in the electoral process

The involvement of ethnic minorities in the electoral process

On June 11th, in Frontline, Tbilisi, Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) held a presentation-discussion – Socio-Economic Programs of Election Participant Political Parties. Since 2012 a designated web-page presents social and economic platforms of election participant political parties in 5 languages – Georgian, Russian, Azeri, Armenian and English. The web-page also presents independent expert reviews of the party programs.

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve transparency and effectiveness of Georgian democracy, better engagement of the society, timely and professional assessment of election participant parties’ programs. The web-page gives a possibility to keep track of the political parties’ programs during the past three elections. The Project Involvement of Ethnic Minorities of Georgia in Assessing Economic and Social Programs of the Election-Participant Political Parties is implemented by EPRC and funded through the US Embassy in Georgia – Small Grants Program.