April 27, 2020 Study on Needs Assessment of Toy and Child Apparel Manufacturing

Study on Needs Assessment of Toy and Child Apparel Manufacturing

The research conducted in the framework of the project “Georgian Business Close to Europe”/GEclose2EU has identified 2 sectors: children apparel and toys. These sectors have potential of development on local and international markets. The project is implemented by the Economic Policy Research Center with the support of the Swedish Government and foresees technical assistance for these selected sectors.


The toy market in Georgia amounts to 20 mln USD, which is a good precondition to implement the local market oriented policy. While on the other hand, the children apparel annual turnover amounts to 6.3 mln USD, in this sector Georgian producers have more possibilities to strengthen their unique and niche segment positions.


In both cases, including export promotion, it is crucially important to implement cluster approaches in order to form one single brand of Georgian toy and children apparel production. This approach could include, but is not limited to the following actions: joint marketing research for local and international markets, technological re-equipment, joint participation in international fairs and expos, raw material supply market research, support on setting production chains and etc. All of these joint action recommendations have been identified in the frames of the research.


In the frames of the project “Georgian Business Close to Europe”/GEclose2EU, the call for selecting SMEs operating in the toy and children apparel manufacturing will be open in the nearest future.


The full version of the report can be found here.