June 17, 2020 Meeting with the representatives of the business sector

Meeting with the representatives of the business sector

On 16th June, at Stamba Hotel, a meeting was held with designers registered in Georgia within the framework of GEclose2EU project.

New initiatives, ongoing challenges and future opportunities were discussed during the event. GEclose2EU is implementing the project in cooperation with Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), the agency – “Enterprise Georgia” and with the support of the Swedish government. The meeting also discussed the interim results of the project, the activities carried out, as well as the opportunities that will help the beneficiaries of state programs in the near future.

Launched in November 2018, GEclose2EU aims to support small and medium-sized businesses operating in Georgia to increase their competitiveness, as well as to promote the development of new sectors, and to support the Association Agreement with the European Union and the DCFTA.