May 13, 2014 “Georgia and the Neighbors” – Focus on Ukraine

“Georgia and the Neighbors” – Focus on Ukraine

The first issue of Economic Policy Research Center’s (EPRC) new periodical Georgia and the Neighbors was presented at 12.00pm on Tuesday, May 13th. The first issue of Georgia and the Neighbors is focused on whether the Ukraine Crisis is Looming over Georgia or not. The brief explores bilateral ties between Ukraine and Georgia in the areas of trade, investments and remittances, tourism and energy, and offers the forecast of how these relations may develop given the ongoing turmoil in eastern Ukraine. In-depth analysis of the key developments in Ukraine’s economy such as the devaluation of the national currency, austerity measures and abolishment of the energy and other social subsidies, security of energy supplies and the potential markets for Ukrainian products provide explanation for the 45% decline in Georgia’s exports to Ukraine and almost 50% increase of import from Ukraine in March 2014.