Founded in 2015 and hosted in the heart of the Caucuses by the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University and the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), the Tbilisi International Conference has earned a reputation in as a can’t-miss event for leaders across Georgia, the United States and Europe.

Since 2015, each September, the conference brings together regional experts on security issues, along with Georgian policymakers, civil society activists, and the business community – with a view toward keeping Georgia high on the transatlantic agenda, and on track in its democratic progress and transatlantic aspirations.

Senator John McCain described the West as “a new, and different, and better kind of world order,” one based not on territory or nationalism but on universal values, rule of law, and respect for national sovereignty and independence. But over the past several years, the foundation of the West has come under attack – both from inside and out. This year marks a pivotal moment in history: thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a moment in time when it seemed freedom and Western values had triumphed. Today, at a critical juncture in history, our leaders must set the course for the next 30 years of unity, peace and democracy, overcoming recent trends of backsliding, corruption and authoritarianism.

The 2019 Tbilisi International Conference – “Now What?” will take place September 9, 12:00 and September 10, 9:00, 2019 at the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.