Tbilisi International Conference 2022 - "Slava Ukraini!"

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TBC Bank 2022 - 2022 $15,000 Completed

The democratic world’s plate is overflowing with challenges to global security, including threats to European security due to the re-emergence of a revisionist Russia. The Tbilisi International Conference provides a unique platform and brings together experienced political and security leaders from the United States, Western Europe, Georgia and the wider Euro-Atlantic community to discuss the vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace; the challenges facing Europe’s eastern nations; and strategies to move forward.

Hosted in the heart of the Caucasus by the McCain Institute at Arizona State University, George W. Bush Institute and the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), the Tbilisi International Conference has earned a reputation as a can’t-miss event for leaders across Georgia, the United States and Europe.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has wreaked havoc and devastation on Ukraine (hence the title of the conference) as well as on the liberal international order. The implications extend well beyond the European continent and have a global reach. Thus, the conference will focus on the challenges posed by the invasion and what it means for the region and beyond, will look at the clash between democracy and authoritarianism and examine domestic developments in Georgia and the United States.

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