Increasing awareness and supporting public education on the economic benefits of the Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia

Donor Duration Budget Status
US Embassy in Georgia 2015 - 2016 $23.020 Completed

The project envisages empowering the policymakers, civil society and media representatives with reliable analysis and forecasts concerning the economic impact of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration and stimulating public discussion and awareness increase campaigns on the issue.

The importance of the project is justified against the background of the recent events taking place in Georgia: when the country is facing a strong anti-European and anti-NATO campaign.
Policymakers in the government must have at their disposal a full range of arguments to support their policy course, for both internal and external purposes.
Project Aims:
To provide policymakers with reliable analysis and forecast concerning the impact of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration on the country’s economy;
To enrich the quality of discussions in the public sphere with reliable economic analysis concerning Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration;
To raise awareness about the economic benefits of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration among key domestic actors- the policymakers, the civil society, the media and the general public.
Project Deliverables
A Research paper on the impact of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration on the economy;
Public Lectures directed towards awareness increase recorded and uploaded on the designated YouTube Channel, thus enabling all interested parties to gain knowledge on the subject.

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