Research and monitoring of DCFTA impact on Georgian small-holder farmers

Donor Duration Budget Status
Oxfam/EU 2015 - 2015 9,980 EUR Completed

Within the project” Improving Regional Food Security through National Strategies and Small Holder Production in the South Caucasus” Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) is going to conduct study in order to investigate the impact of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) on the smallholder agricultural production in Georgia.

The purpose of this research is to take forward some of the recommendations which are relevant to increase the understanding of the impact of the DCFTA on small-holder farmers and to enrich the discussion with evidence and on-going monitoring.
Project Deliverables 
A comprehensive report in English which includes a comparative analysis of 1 or 2 countries’ experience in trade integration to the EU and a regulatory impact assessment of how the major amendments for the agricultural sector can impact small-holder farmers.
2 short 5-8 pages update reports on new developments in the implementation of the DCFTA in Georgia, and how these affect small holder farmers


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