February 8, 2014 Training in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

Training in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

On 3-7 February, 2014 EPRC’s Nino Ghvinadze and Irina Guruli were trained in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), a systematic approach to assessing the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. The course was delivered by international leaders in regulatory reform Scott Jacobs and Cesar Cordova from Jacobs, Cordova & Associates. The aim of this training was to encourage the use of RIA methods and concepts among the representatives of the public and non-governmental sector of Georgia. The course was a mixture of methodological and interactive sessions concentrating on the “learning by doing” approach. The training was organized and supported by the Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) funded through USAID. It is planned to implement pilot projects and develop RIAs for several legislative initiatives with the participation of the public sector and NGOs in Georgia.