November 17, 2021 The ruling party’s attacks on Western partners assumes the form of an alarming trend

The ruling party’s attacks on Western partners assumes the form of an alarming trend

We, the signatory organizations, hereby respond to the statement made by the Chairman of Georgian Dream, the ruling party, that invariably serves to discredit Georgia’s Western partners and friends.


This is not the first time the ruling party leaders have publicly and openly attacked Georgia’s foreign partners, as they criticize the developments in the country. The criticism often applies to situations in the judicial system, politically motivated investigations, electoral violations, and other issues that elicit rightful resentment among them as the ones being concerned about the country. Their genuine desire is to help create for Georgian citizens an environment affording them the opportunity for dignified life and development, the right to be heard by an independent tribunal, the opportunity to freely express their opinions, an environment where the votes of citizens given in highly organized elections are protected, there is a clear line between the ruling party and the government, and all the institutions function properly to the benefit of people. This is precisely the kind of Georgia that the West stands for. And this is exactly why they have reiterated their position that they root for the Georgian people, not any particular party or political group.


Instead of accepting objective criticism and making any concrete steps towards improving the situation on a variety of avenues, the government has recently engaged in an increasing campaign to attack our Western friends. Certain groups and leaders have no qualms about using a derogatory tone, often accusing those on whose political and financial support the smooth functioning of the Georgian State largely depends on interfering with the domestic affairs of the country. Such rhetoric is increasingly damaging to the country where a majority of the population favors a Western direction of development. This is coupled with a public refusal to implement reforms important for Georgian citizens or accept financial assistance from the West. The results achieved with the painstaking efforts of our European and American partners towards settling the recent political crises in Georgia that were ultimately ignored by the government are especially worth mentioning.


All the above facts leave us extremely concerned. It is obvious that the government’s standoff with the Western partners is already assuming the form of a trend. The ruling party does not seem to be willing to encourage democratic processes in the country and would rather risk the souring of relations with Western states and politicians and create serious barriers on Georgia’s road to Euro-Atlantic integration.


The integration of our country with European and Euro-Atlantic structures has been and continues to be an unwavering will of the Georgian people. We think with such acts and statements the Georgian government is distancing us evermore from our historical choice.




Transparency International – Georgia

Open Society Georgia Foundation

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies

Europe Foundation

Atlantic Council of Georgia

Media Development Fund

Economic Policy Research Center

Partnership for Human Rights

Society and Banks

UN Association of Georgia

Human Rights Center

Center for Investigative Journalism and Economic Analysis

Governance Monitoring Center

Georgia’s Reforms Associates

Georgian Democracy initiative

Young Lawyers’ Association of Georgia

Rights Georgia


Tolerance and Diversity Institute

Institute for Democracy and Safe Development

Centre “Empathy”

Georgian Court Watch

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information

Shame Movement

Center for Social Sciences