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Changemakers Summit 2021

Donor Duration Budget Status
The Chevening Fund / British Embassy 2021 - 2021 £ 18,370

The program aims to stimulate and mobilize young people from 6 Eastern European countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and link them with the Chevening alumni network to engage in dialogue and share experiences and ideas through creating a unified platform (both online and in-person). This program aims to serve as a strong trigger for social impact by expanding the network of change by connecting and strengthening the relationship between the experienced Chevening Alumni and the curious youth for the purposes of generating social impact.

 To identify the participants of the three-day summit, a total of 21 participants from 6 countries were be chosen through essay submissions. 7 students in each of the three groups composed a document including recommendations on key issues for the development of the specific themes, all under the umbrella of three major Sustainable Development Goals: 

 Health and Well-being

 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

 Quality Education

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Changemakers Summit 2021

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