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100 ლექცია ევრო-ატლანტიკურ ინტეგრაციაზე
დონორი: US Embassy in Tbilisi
ხანგრძლივობა: 2018

The overall purpose of the project is to increase knowledge on the issues of Euro-Atlantic integration among the high school students through engaging teachers of various disciplines in a bottom up approach initiatives.

The project envisages engagement of the public school teachers in the popularization of Euro-Atlantic integration perspectives through using their knowledge and capacities in the process. For this purpose, a call for ideas on conducting 100 open lectures on the Euro-Atlantic integration topic will be announced. 100 open lectures on the issues of Euro-Atlantic integration will be conducted by the high school teachers of various disciplines throughout Georgian public schools.

The lectures will be attended by at least 2,000 high school students. A dedicated video blog will be established that will united all the videos recorded during the project and those selected by the selection committee. The best 10 lectures will be disseminated through the social media channels and the best ten teachers will have a chance to visit Brussels and gain insights in the western values and about the impact that EU institutions make across Europe and the world, sightseeing tour will be organized in NATO headquarters.

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