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ევროპეიზაცია საზღვრებს მიღმა
დონორი: Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE)
ხანგრძლივობა: 2018
სტატუსი: Ongoing

The overall goal of the present project is to strengthen capacities of EPRC to achieve sustainable involvement in the EU debates on the Georgia’s Europeanization perspective, through enhanced partnerships and increased research, advocacy and communication abilities. Building on the experience and partnerships that EPRC already has, the organization considers it important to come closer a rather stable and sustainable network, with the Western European partners, to jointly prepare a reforms agenda and conduct research and advocacy initiatives on pressing economic and policy issues. That is envisaged to be conducted through implementation of two interrelated components: (1) “Building Bridges” component for facilitating advocacy visits to Western Europe - focusing on collaborating with think tanks that operate in countries with diverse set of economic and political backgrounds from well-established Western democracies (Germany and the Netherlands); (2) Tbilisi International Conference as a platform for “reverse advocacy”, bringing EU debates to Georgia.

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