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The meeting of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee with NGOs on the draft of the 2018 state budget
07 October, 2017

On 6th October 2017, a constructive meeting/discussion was held, attended by the members of the parliament, the parliamentary committee and representatives of several non-governmental organizations. 
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and analyze the presented draft of the 2018 state budget, where the representatives of non-governmental organizations and committee members exchanged their views and provided remarks, ultimately enhancing their collaboration on the budgetary issues.
 The feedback received throughout the meeting shall aid the parliamentary committees for preparation of their conclusions and recommendations on the draft, which will be presented to the government.
 From the side of the Parliament of Georgia the meeting was attended by the following committees:, Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee and the representatives of the Parliamentary Budget Office, while participant non-governmental organizations included: 
Greens Movement of Georgia, 
Young Greens,  
The Regional Environmental Centre for the Caucasus (REC Caucasus), 
Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN), 
Biological Farming Association “ Elkana”, 
Association of Ecological and Biological Monitoring of Georgia, 
Georgian Society of Nature Explorers “ORCHIS”. 

 The meeting/discussion was organized within the project “Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia”, which is implemented by the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC), Westminster Foundation for Democracy, European Union, United Nations Development Program. 
The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of the Parliamentary Committee and its role as a budget supervisory body.


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