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Who We Are
The Economic Policy Research Center - EPRC founded in 2002 is created to build a contemporary economic research capacity in Georgia, to enhance economic decision making and to be an important voice in economic and policy discussions. EPRC conducts studies in the areas of transition economies. Our research interests include tax policy, trade, monetary policy, financial markets, investment climate, and social welfare among others. 

EPRC foresees bringing together a team of young local economists educated in leading schools across the world and at the same time attracting internationally recognized researchers and scholars interested in studies of post socialist economies. EPRC aims at developing first think tank of international standard in Georgia that will foster economic thinking and bring analytical and quantitative tools into highly unexplored economic and social arena in the region. For fostering capacity building and analytical exchange EPRC also intends to build network with other Transition Economy based research institutions. 

At the same time EPRC extends significant effort towards educating Georgian public about the economic and social problems they face and encourages public discussions of important economic and social issues that influence lives of Georgians. We strongly believe that such discussions will result in an economic policy that better reflects the interests of Georgian population. Towards this end, EPRC disseminates the results of professional research, both by EPRC and others, through publications, seminars and roundtables with policymakers, business representatives and media.