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Georgian Economic Outlook
Purpose of the project

Purpose of this project is to establish innovative methodology for conducting research on economic effectiveness of public finances and expenditures (among them separate programs and social-economic initiatives), by analyzing budgetary expenses from per capita or per employed individual perspective, which would help understand the real “state burden” for each citizen and each working individual). Overall objectives of the project is informing general public about public sector operations by providing easy to understand relevant information and enabling students and academic cycles to use it as a teaching tool for public finance. 

Establishing such practice of research and making it available and accessible for the public in an understandable manner will help citizens realize their personal financial role in the State, which will raise civil awareness. Individuals will have an easy reference to understand the sources of budgetary expenditures, to assess the necessity of particular budgetary expenses proposed by the State, and to analyze the economic affects that an increase in budgetary expenses has on their pockets. Thus, the aim of the project is to empower citizens with knowledge and information needed to engage actively and meaningfully in critically important budgetary processes at every stage – formation, allocation, implementation and monitoring. The capacity to understand the budgetary processes and priorities of the government is a necessary step towards a greater objective of politically engaged citizenry and a more accountable government.